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Sinlen is unlike other skincare. We believe that your skin is as individual as you are, and the products you use should reflect that. 

At Sinlen, we harness the power of fresh botanicals and naturally derived active ingredients to blend bespoke creations tailored to every customer’s skin. We all demand fresh food to nourish our bodies; at Sinlen, we demand fresh products to nourish our skin, too.

Founded by Elena Chirikhina, a cosmetic pharmacist with more than 15 years’ experience in beauty and skincare, Sinlen uses the latest in cosmetic research. We blend the finest natural ingredients with clinically proven anti-oxidants, vitamins and peptides to design products that are effective as well as wonderfully indulgent.

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How it works 

Changing just one ingredient in a product can completely transform the sensory experience and the effects on your skin. Our customers can tailor our products to suit their own skin. We will send you samples of our products featuring different essential oils, skincare actives and nourishing emulsifiers. Then, you choose the ingredients that suit you, and will send your personalised skincare regime direct to your door. 

At Sinlen we only use the mildest preservatives that will not dry out skin or aggravate sensitivities, so our products have a limited shelf life of three months.

Personalised skincare for your clients 

Now, you can introduce your clients to Sinlen’s fresh, naturally active skincare. Adding a capsule range of Sinlen’s skincare to your salon’s shelves requires minimal financial investment as we have no minimum order costs for our products. 

With our extensive range of Sinlen skincare ingredients you will be able to create deeply nourishing and curative products that are unique to your business as well as offer your clients that opportunity to transform the formulations to suit their own skin. 

At Sinlen, we know about skin, so you can rest assured that our handmade products are created with all of our expertise in cosmetic formulations, and will take care of your clients’ skin. 

By stocking Sinlen products in your salon:  

•    You can create a powerful point of difference from your competitors: personalised products for your clients 
•    You will have an exclusive retail opportunity, selling products that your clients will not be able to buy elsewhere on the high street or find cheaper online
•    You can secure the trust of your clients, by offering them fresh products packed with botanical ingredients that are tailored to their skin

To find out more about Sinlen, contact us today:

T:020 8302 3234
Or visit us at 3 Elm parade, Main road, Sidcup
DA14 6NF