The peel off mask Anti-ageing mask contains Cocoa powder, intended for mature skin. Cocoa has high moisturising properties essential to prevent wrinkles, also contains polyphenols and vitamin A powerful anti-oxidants that neutralise free radicals and slow down the effects of ageing, keeping skin young and healthy. Other ingredients in the Classic delicious mask - tannis, gives astringent and tonic properties allowing to tighten skins pores. 

Anti-ageing mask

  • Precised quantaties of the face mask powder and Rose water are given in your face mask pack.

    1. Cleanse face

    2. For face treatment, mix 90g of Rose water to 30g of powder.

    3. Mix vigorously until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous texture.

    4. Apply the mask immediately to the face in a semi thick layer.

    5. Allow the mask to dry. 

    6. Leave on the mask for at least 10 minuets. 

    7. Mask will peel off easily, leaving a subtle fragrance of Cocoa.